What’s New

Now in Newtown, PA

We are excited about our New Office in Newtown, Pa. located at 780 Newtown-Yardley Rd. Suite 315, Newtown, Pa 18940 (just across from the Newtown Swim Club in the Newtown Office Park). Just off I-95 Exit 49 for Newtown. This new location has the latest in Eye Care and Eye Wear Technologies with Advanced Imaging and Photography capabilities, and a large selection of Children, Safety and Designer Eyeglasses to accommodate everyone.

Keratoconus Update

Keratoconus is a progressive thinning of the cornea or front surface of the eye that may cause distortion and reduced vision. Glasses most often do not help because of the fluctuating nature of the condition.

There are several treatments available today which include both surgical and non-surgical procedures. Custom Rigid Gas Permeable Contact Lenses, Hybrid Contact Lenses ( Synergeyes), and Custom Soft Lenses are still the standard for early to advanced Keratoconus. Intacs plastic rings inserted into the middle layers of the cornea can increase the support of the misshaped corneal tissue. Ultimately, a corneal transplant may be the answer especially if contact lens intolerance occurs or the progressive scarring prevents satisfactory vision.

Newer less invasive technologies do show some promise. Collagen Cross-linking is a procedure where a reaction occurs between UV light and riboflavin to help strengthen the weakened cornea. This new procedure may slow the progression of Keratoconus and is still in clinical trials.

How do you know if you have Keratoconus? If you are young and notice your vision changing more frequently and needing to change your glasses every few months, then you may be suffering from this condition. A comprehensive eye examination including corneal topography or mapping of the front surface of your eye and a careful slit lamp evaluation will help reveal the diagnosis. Please contact our office if you have any concerns or questions regarding this condition.

Spring is finally here!

Spring is here. Itching, burning and tearing may be coming soon as well. Allergies are expected to continue where they left off in the Fall. Early treatment is the best treatment. Today’s allergy eye medications work two ways. One component helps to prevent the allergic reaction from occurring, while the other addresses the acute or immediate response. Make your eye appointment early to help reduce your suffering so you may enjoy the warmer weather and all the outdoors has to offer.

Protect your eyes from ultraviolet radiation

Even on a cloudy day UV light from the sun can cause sunburn of our skin, eyelids and cornea (front surface) of our eyes. Long-term effects of UV light can increase the chance of cataracts and retina (back of the eye) damage leading to vision loss. Make sure you wear sunscreen and sunglasses especially while skiing or playing in the snow. Studies report 80% of a person’s lifetime exposure to UV radiation occurs before 18 years old. Proper lenses (glasses and contact lenses) can safely block UV radiation and protect your eyes from potential harm.

Happy Holidays to All

We want to wish everyone a joyful and healthy holiday season, as well as, a prosperous New Year. Thank you for your continued confidence and allowing us to be your eye care provider.

Please be sure to wear your glasses while driving, especially with the short daylight and tendency for deer (not reindeer) to jump into traffic.

If you have unused glasses or contact lens benefits make sure you schedule an appointment before the end of the year. We have evenings and weekends to accommodate your busy schedules. This is also the season when the dry heat kicks in causing dry eye issues. We provide a thorough evaluation for diagnosing Dry Eye Disease and other underlying medical conditions.

Enjoy the time with family and friends and be well.

Halloween Safety Tips

Hopefully we will have nice weather this year for our trick or treaters.  In an effort to provide a safe experience some simple recommendations can reduce unexpected accidents.

Using makeup is safer than masks.  Masks often reduce peripheral vision, while makeup allows more natural vision. 

Use reflective fabric or tape to increase visibility.  Reflective material is more visible than white fabric allowing drivers to see someone more quickly, especially at higher speeds.

Bring a flashlight along.  Be seen.

The best way to provide a safe night is to drive cautiously especially through neighborhoods.  Reduce your speed and make sure your windshields, headlights, and mirrors are clean.  Those with reduced vision should avoid driving on Halloween.

Walk in groups and look both ways before crossing the street.  Sounds simple, however, we often forget the basics when we get caught up in the excitement.

Enjoy the day and be safe.

Learning begins with seeing clearly.  Start the school year off right and schedule your back to school eye examination today.   Having difficulty seeing the board or concentrating when reading may be signs of a vision problem.  Contact lenses may provide the best visual option for young students and athletes.  We spend the time to teach and discuss the responsibility of contact lens wear and provide a caring environment to promote a healthy and enjoyable experience.  Contact us and ask about our Back to School promotion.